Young Gotland sheep meet young WK



Welcome to the Swedish Working Kelpie Club annual meeting and championships 3rd – 6th of August 2017


           Welcome to the Swedish Working Kelpie Club's website. 

We are a non-profit association with some 230 members and are affliated with the Swedish Kennel Club. Our focus is on the Working Kelpie's ability as a versatile handler of livestock. Sheep, cattle, pigs, goats, horses and reindeer are handled by our Working Kelpies.


Apart from this website, members are kept informed of the club's activities via a quarterly magazine "Working Kelpie". Membership is open to all who wish to support our efforts. For membership enqiries(you don't have to live in Sweden to be a member!) or more info about our club, contact us here

Breeding the Working Kelpie in Sweden 

         To help maintain and improve the health and herding ability of the Working Kelpie in Sweden, the club has an active breeding program. To be recognised by the club as a breeding sire or dam several requirements must be met e.g. Hip Displasia (A or B) and successful completion of an approved herding dog test.  All members however are encouraged to have their dogs checked for hip displasia as well as having their dogs tested for herding ability. A list of breeders can be found here

Trialling the Working Kelpie in Sweden 

The club organises clinics and holds a championship trial meeting (sheep and cattle) around the beginning of August each year. This event attracts starters from all over Northern Europe. Many of our members are also active in the Swedish Herding Dog Club (SVaK) which arranges most of the sheep and cattle trials here in Sweden.


Documenting working ability

The club has, since 2007, a project that describes the herding characteristics of the Working Kelpie. Several times each year young dogs are gathered and, under the watchful eye of an experienced instructor, their working ability with sheep is assessed.(read more)



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